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It then turns back on, showing Ken smashing the blender and shoving his throat onto the blades, killing himself."billie227" forces the remaining four classmates to play a game of Never Have I Ever, stating that the loser of the game will die.All four classmates are forced to reveal largely personal secrets which put their relationships with each other on the rocks: Jess spread a rumor that Blaire had an eating disorder; Blaire crashed Jess' mother's car while drunk; Mitch reported Adam to the police for selling marijuana, which almost got Adam disowned by his father; Mitch also reveals that he kissed Laura behind Blaire's back shortly before her suicide, although she initiated it and he rejected her advances; Jess stole 0 from Adam and Adam himself offered to trade Jess' life for his own.Adam finally loses his temper and uses the game to force Blaire to reveal that she is no longer a virgin, having had sex with him twice behind Mitch's back, with "billie227" uploading a You Tube video which proves the claim.

Needless to say, it is impossible to confirm by any means that a digital material is truly deleted, so the "promise" is completely empty.Ken manages to remove "billie227" from the chat, but "billie227" resurfaces with a camera view from across his room and disconnects his webcam.